Love Is Colder Than Death

by October People

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released November 2, 2014

Produced & mixed by Manuel Cabezalí.
Engineered & recorded at El Lado Izquierdo by Dany Richter.
Executive producer: Pablo López Collado, José Luis Ibañez, Toni Mellinas. “La Transformación”: produced by October People.
Engeneered & recorded by José María Rosillo at Drax Audio.
All lyrics by Giovanni Pandone. “Leave your world behind”: lyrics by Giovanni Pandone & Daniel García, featuring guitar solo by Manuel Cabezalí.
Art Direction by Gio (
Cover photo by Víctor Rubio.
Band photo by Javier de Riaño Echanove.
Thanks to our lovers, fans and friends for the unconditional support.

October People is Giovanni Pandone (voice, keyboard), Daniel García (drum), Enrique Galán (bass), Víctor Rubio (guitar).



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October People Madrid, Spain

October People is a Spanish indie band based in Madrid, who formed in 2010.

They make dark, elegant and danceable music reminiscent of the British post-punk era with an underlying pop sensibility.

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Track Name: Between Frames
I saw you in a black and white dream you were lost inside a kind of vintage movie scene I can smell old fashioned cigarettes and feel the thrill
Nothing else but a cello in a minor key black coats in the wind red lips leather gloves and steam and your taste like a beautiful mistake is hard to kill
I don’t believe them when they say life is not like films
We are living between frames my lady they’re trying so hard to tear our lives apart you are not so far away oh baby I’ll take my time and wait for you to come
I wish I could be old enough to feel like I’ve already loved you like I’ve already given you my life while mistakes give texture to my face just like you said
Only shadows behind my neck but you’re still near I can feel you only shadows behind my back but you’re still real I can see you
Track Name: What I Am
I don’t know how I don’t know when it starts I only feel the blood pumping from my heart I start to breathe I try to kill the wish but the sensation makes me nervous makes me sick
I move my head I move my neck and then my muscles always scream for pleasure at the end they look at me with something in their head they stop they guess they are just tr- ying to understand
What I am
I live in calm I feel the warmth I pray to figure out a reason while I’m waiting for another shake
No don’t be ashamed to ask me what I feel cause everyday I do the same I ask my mirror what it sees
What I am
Track Name: Our Darkest Time
Back and forth they run unstoppable frantic dance like freaks like animals victims of the oldest sick machine evolution of the human being
Be welcome to our darkest time just look around see how all is falling down keep silent please just hear the beats the drums of war are rising in the streets
Brainwashed puppets waiting in a store aiming for a che- mical dance floor dreams and lives they’re never gonna live random interactions it’s their scheme
Track Name: Not The One
Alone again between the neon lights against the grain I found my way I lost you on the path invisible I stay out of sight I feel it all the rhythm of a permanent midnight
The candle lights are shadows in your eyes they never lie they’re like the leaves left behind by the wind now I cry in the cold summer night I realize that after all you are not the one
Back in the rear view mirror of the car I’m looking at you while you’re coming to me with a little smile but you’re cold tonight even when you try to ignite your whispers they’re still like ice
I miss your words they now begin to fade to something else tasteless scent of lost memories a bitter end this is the price to pay to figure out that after all you are not the one
Track Name: Leave Your World Behind
We cannot understand the ordinary ones faces that have never had sparkles in their eyes they are just neverending lies
We’re amongst the other ones that run through the night hand in hand face to face with a fire inside just be ready for the ride
Come to see you’ll believe in our truth this time we’ll be there for everyone so start to live tonight no matter how loud you will cry out
This could be your chance to say goodbye all you need is to leave your world behind
Come with us we are the ones your beautiful sin we run fast oh we don’t rest till the morning comes no matter how loud you will scream out
Track Name: The Neverending Lie
I believe you will be the first one to fall I believe you will be trying hard to crawl I believe we will see you as what you are I believe we will soon see you tumbling down
Down on your knees you are gonna beg for mercy trust me I’d like to hear again your neverending lie
You believe everything’s always worth the price you believe that all your acts are just a compromise you believe it’s the way life has always been you believe that between sharks is where we are supposed to swim
Track Name: Fearless
Naked we are lying on the bare ground outside the world is still moving around seeing each other’s eyes without a word we belong to this place I know that for sure
And I found something deep within you I followed it... fearless you know that too you can even call me a fool idealistic man but I wish this moment would never end
And if you take a chance on fate I won’t let you go and if you try not to be scared I won’t let you go
Every time I look at you there’s no doubt there’s no more fear suddenly everything’s clear I scratched the surface I felt a beat and despite all your doubts
I guess we are meant to be no matter what
And if these words seem too big to you at this time I’d like to say that even I am pretty scared of how this life can play these kinds of tricks sometimes
Track Name: The War Is Over
We’re all always at war with ourselves aren’t we? It’s what makes us feel alive it’s what being human is about at least it’s what I need to believe
The days are not as bright as they used to be they just don’t shine like when we were kids with no clouds over us now you live in the dark waiting for the sun to come
You know deep inside of you there’s something I will never let burn you
The past is gone and the future is yet to come so try to live in the here and now I will show you how to let your trouble sink down into the ground
Try to believe and you will see that all your dreams will set you free just make them real try to forget your fears
Track Name: She Said
We are running out of time we are running to the place that we call home there is something waiting for us in the emptiness I feel like I lost my mind I feel the fear in my eyes looking at you and it’s something I can’t tolerate not anymore
I’ve never felt so alone, am I behind you or behind a ghost? I will no longer try to reach another dream I wonder if that’s the place, the place where we belong where we can go on so far away from everyone from everyone’s arms
I’m walking after you now I only feel your scent while everything around you turns to grey
If you fall tonight she said I won’t let you down, and when you try to hide the pain I’ll be there to find out if you fall tonight she said I won’t let you down and while you’re crying in the night I will be by your side
I’m still walking after you now I only see the brightness of your eyes and I close mine and feel, lonely, while everything around you turns to grey
Don’t move just dream in silence, the cold I used to feel is almost gone, some light outside my window are trying to reach my eyes and I feel safe
I feel safe with you in a fantasy as beautiful as the lost feeling of a story I will never read, I’ll be safe with you until I die
Track Name: La Transformación
Elijo sin dudar manos de metal piel sintética tecnología avanzada para mi corazón un flexible plástico red sináptica que no utilizaré jamas sin memoria ni sentimientos
Elijo no sentir elijo una ilusión funciones básicas sin programación decido olvidar procesos lógicos el miedo dará igual seré asensorial
Me doy cuenta de mi nueva personalidad simple mecanismo vacía identidad y un espejo refleja una imagen sin piedad mi cuerpo transformado en una maquina
Ojos que sorprenden por su ausencia de emoción todo alrededor solo es un código y un espejo ofrece inevitable la verdad mi cuerpo transformado en una máquina